Research Team on Molecular Materials

Chemistry of Molecular Materials

- Polyoxometalate chemistry.
- Inorganic magnetic clusters.
- Inorganic molecule-based magnets.
- New molecular conductors.
- Hybrid organic-inorganic molecular materials combining magnetism with conducting or optical properties.
- Organized magnetic films.
- Electroactive conducting polymers.

Physical characterization of Molecular Material

- Magneto-structural properties (ac and dc susceptibilities, magnetization, ESR, Inelastic Neutron Scattering, single-crystal X-ray diffraction).
- Transport properties (single-crystal electrical conductivities, magnetoresistance).

Models in Molecular Magnetism

- Exchange interactions in large magnetic clusters and low dimensional magnets.
- Energy levels and magnetic properties.
- Exchange interactions between orbitally degenerate centers.
- Double exchange and electron delocalization in Mixed Valence systems.