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Structure & Topics
The School is structured in three different blocks:

General invited lectures (50 min + 10 min discussion): This part will deal with the essential aspects of Molecular Nanoscience on the topics:
• Supramolecular Chemistry in Nanoscience
• Concepts, materials and applications of Molecular Electronics
• Single-Molecule Electronics
• Molecular Nanomagnetism
• Molecule-based Spintronics

Specialized invited lectures (25 min + 5 min discussion): In this part, short tutorial lectures showing some relevant scientific advances in the above topics will be presented by the most representative European research groups active in Molecular Nanoscience.

Oral communications (8 min + 2 min discussion) or Flash presentations (4 min + 1 min discussion): With the aim of encouraging discussion and communication among all the participants, the students will have the opportunity to present short communications about their research results, including those that, although incomplete, can promote debate.

Detailed program and book of abstracts
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