The Institute for Molecular Science, in pursuit of its main goal, which is the research on Molecular Science, offers a series of schools, master courses and PhD degrees as a training for young researchers.

Schools are one-week events held regularly and there can be National or International Schools, inside or outside the Master Courses, such as European School on Molecular Nanoscience, Escuela Nacional de Materiales Moleculares and European Spring School on Supramolecular Organized Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronic Applications.

The Official PhD Programs include 3 Master courses leading to 3 PhD degrees with the same specialization respectively:

Master on Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The objective of this Master is to prepare students in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology fields in order to be able to carry out a professional career in this area or a research activity leading to a doctoral thesis. This Master encompasses several disciplines: chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, biochemistry, pharmacy and medicine.

Master on Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling.
These fields play a key role in the development of modern chemistry, biochemistry, biological chemistry, physics and materials science. For that reason, 47 universities got together in Partnership to jointly offer a Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling (TCCM) at European level. This initiative has been endorsed by the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN).

Master on Sustainable Chemistry.
The Official PhD Program on Sustainable Chemistry has a inter-university character and includes the Master and PhD Degrees on Sustainable Chemistry. It is based on the Interuniversity Program of PhD on Sustainable Chemistry which has the Quality Mention of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. The Program has the support of the Spanish Technological Platform for Sustainable Chemistry