The 2007 International Symposium on Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors and ferromagnets will take place in Peñiscola (Spain) from September 24 through September 29, 2007.

ISCOM 2007 will follow the successful ISCOM Conferences organized in Austria (Mittelberg, 1995), Portugal (Sesimbra, 1997), United Kingdom (Oxford, 1999), Japan (Rustutsu, 2001), France (Port-Bourgenay, 2003) and USA (Key West, 2005).

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Solid State Sciences (SSSCIE) has accepted to publish a special issue on "Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors and Ferromagnets". Six printed pages are initially allocated for invited speakers, and 4 printed pages for oral or poster contributions, taking into account that the special issue will not exceed 120 pages.

All the contributions will be reviewed according to the usual criteria of SSSCIE. Because there is intense competition, the journal must decline a substantial proportion of manuscripts. Such decisions are made by the editorial staff when it appears that papers are unlikely to succeed in the competition for limited space. In particular, it is important to notice that manuscripts reporting results already published in another journal will be rejected. Each article will be reviewed at least two referees, and only the papers with positive answer or minor revision reports will be published in Solid State Sciences.

In order to anticipate the number of contributions that will be recibed in the editorial office, we ask to all participants presenting an oral or poster contribution to send us a message (iscom2007@icmol.es) by 15 th september indicating if they intend to send a contribution to be published in SSSCIE. The authors will have to send their manuscripts directly to the editorial_office_of_SSSCIE by 30 th october 2007 , indicating in the letter to the editor that the manuscript is a contribution to the special issue on "Crystalline Organic Metals, Superconductors and Ferromagnets".

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