Organic synthesis

The developments in Organic Synthesis have changed our lifestyle over the centuries.

Today, it is essential that Chemical Synthesis makes a step forward to keep up with our development, as Society is increasingly demanding direct processes that can convert cheap materials into highly valuable compounds.

Our laboratory...

is devoted to developing simplifying transformations and tactics to access important molecules in meaningful quantities.

Special emphasis is put in the incorporation of C-H activation logics into synthetic chemistry. These objectives naturally attract collaborations with academic colleagues and private companies alike.

Research education

Making molecules in an efficient way, offers an endless playground for research and ensures a challenging and enjoyable experience.

We believe that young scientists nurtured by solving these problems will naturally acquire a firm grounding in Chemistry to become leading professionals in the future. This way, we hope to give back useful technologies to enable our sustainable development for the years to come.

Current interests

Redox-active carbenes

Chiral carbon-atom

Decarboxylative coupling


Visible-light photochemistry

and mechanistic studies

Organometallic amides

In-situ reagents
with extreme nucleophilicity

Ligand total synthesis

New methods
for polar unprotected molecules

2D molecular materials

Functionalization of advanced
photoelectroactive materials