Master / Molecular Nanoscience
and Nanotechnology

Adressed to Graduates in Chemistry, Physics, Biotechnology, Engineering and related degrees.
The objective of this Master is to prepare students in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology fields in order to be able to carry out a professional career in this area or a research activity leading to a doctoral thesis. This Master encompasses several disciplines: chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, biochemistry, pharmacy and medicine.


To create a multidisciplinary and competitive scientific community in Spain to research in these subjects. In this respect, the master is a suitable framework for the promotion of mobility and interaction between students from different scientific areas and contacts with other universities, research centres and companies operating in this area.
To lay down a national excellence standard in Molecular Science to empower students to research in this area or for them to gain useful knowledge and skills to be able to develop a career in high technology companies.
Grants available
for students with good academic record at the
Universitat de València

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