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Sun 29th Coronado, Eugenio EIMM & ICMol-University of Valencia (Spain) Introduction to Molecular Nanoscience.
  PRATO, Maurizio
University of Trieste (Italy) Novel functional materials based on nanocarbons.
  ALONSO, Julio University of Valladolid (Spain) Adsorption and storage of hydrogen in layered an porous materials.
Mon 30th MONAKHOV, Kirill RWTH Aachen University (Germany) Perspectives for polyoxometalates in molecular electronics and spintronics.
  GALÁN-MASCARÓS, José Ramón Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia-ICIQ (Spain) Water oxidation catalysis with polyoxometalates.
  PARAC-VOGT, Tatjana University of Leuven (Belgium) Nanosized particles as potential contrast agents for bimodal MRI and optical imaging.
  GAITA, Alejandro ICMol-University of Valencia (Spain) Lanthanoid complexes: Single Ion Magnets or Molecular Spin Qubits?
  PANÉ, Salvador ETH Zurich (Switzerland) Wireless Magnetic Micro- and Nanorobots.
  MIALANE, Pierre Lavoisier Institut of Versailles (France) Optical, Magnetic and Biological properties of Polyoxometalates.
  VECIANA, Jaume ICMAB (CSIC)/CIBER-BBN (Spain) Electronic transport phenomenon through organic spin-containing molecules.
  TSUKERBLAT, Boris Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel) Functionalization of polyoxometalates: quantum cellular automata.
  LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Gustavo ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Nitroanilate as a useful tool for the synthesis of lanthanoids dimers.
  NAVARRO SÁNCHEZ, José ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Peptide MOFs for enantioselective separation
  TORRES CAVANILLAS, Ramón ICMol - U. de València (Spain) New lithographic approaches for polyoxometalates structuration
  ARCZYNSKI, Miroslaw Jagiellonian U. (Poland) [1,2,5]thiadiazolo[3,4-f][1,10]phenanthroline 1,1-dioxide as a building block for the construction of molecular materials
  DOÑORO, Álvaro U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Dendritic Silicon-Containing Molecules: Dendrimer-Platinum(II) Conjugates and its Potential Binding to Quantum Dots
  GARCÍA VEGAS, Verónica U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Multifunctional coordination nanopolymer based on modified nucleobases
  MUÑOZ CASELLAS, Nicolás U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)  Tert-thienobenzene based supramolecular polymers in water.
  VILONA, Debora U. Claude Bernard Lyon 1  (France) Hybrid polyoxometalates for sustainable acid catalysis
  BALLESTEROS , Alberto  U. de Valladolid  (Spain) Influence of Extrusion Process, Amount and Type of Particles on the Rheological Properties of PS/Nanoclay Nanocomposites.
  SOLÉ-DAURA, Albert U. Rovira i Virgili (Spain) Probing polyoxometalate-protein interactions using molecular dynamics simulations
Tue 31st DE COLA, Luisa University of Strasbourg (France) Stimulus responsive nanomaterials.
  LAYFIELD, Richard University of Manchester (United Kingdom) Organometallic Chemistry Approaches to the Design of Single-Molecule Magnets.
  PEDERSEN, Kasper Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (France) Strong spin-orbit coupling in molecular magnets.
  RUIZ, Eliseo University of Barcelona (Spain) Room Temperature Magnetoresistance Devices based on Magnetic Molecules.
  MAS- TORRENT, Marta ICMAB- CSIC (Spain) Electrically commutable hybrid surfaces for switching devices.
  GONZÁLEZ-RODRÍGUEZ, David Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) Polar Self-assembled Molecular Materials.
  HOSSEINI, Wais University of Strasbourg (France) Molecular tectonics: from molecules to crystal welding.
  BOLINK, Henk ICMol-University of Valencia (Spain) Perovskite based solar cells.
  GALÁN, Yolanda ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Modification of spin-crossover nanoparticles by ligand substitution
  LIMA MOYA, Luis ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Synthesis of hybrid [Fe(HTrz)2(trz)(BF4)]@SiO2 core-shell spin-crossover nanoparticles
  LEGENDRE, Christina ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Monolayers of Iron(II) spin cross-over complexes on metal oxide surfaces 
  PELLICER CARREÑO, Isaac  ICMol - U. de València (Spain) A new salt with improved spin-crossover properties of the  Fe(II) complex of 2,6-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine (1-bpp) ligand functionalized with a carboxylate group.
  RIAL, Javier IMDEA Nanociencia (Spain) Research in MnAl: an alternative to rare-earth permanent magnets
  CZARNECKI, Bernard Jagiellonian U. (Poland) Similarities and differences between properties of Mo(IV) and Nb(IV) 3D coordination polymers with Mn(II) and 1,2-diaminopropane
  HANDZLIK, Gabriela Jagiellonian U. (Poland) Ammonium salts as a Trojan Horse: control of the magnetic behaviour of cyanide-bridged A(II)-B(IV) (A: Mn, Fe; B: Nb, Mo) coordination polymers by the introduction of supporting ligands.
  HECZKO, Michal Jagiellonian U. (Poland) Magnetic and structural study of CN-bridged Ni-Nb networks - control of dimensionality and topology
  MAGOTT, Michal Jagiellonian U. (Poland) Introducing SMM-like behaviour to 3D coordination polymers 
Wed 01st DEDIU, Alek  Institute of Nanostructured Materials ISMN-CNR, Bologna (Italy) Old and New Device trends in Molecular Spintronics.
  VARELA, María Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) Aberration corrected views of the nano-world.
  SANTAMARIA, Jacobo Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) Generation and manipulation of oxygen vacancies: a new paradigm in oxide interfaces.
  CINCHETTI, Mirko  University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) The route towards interface-assisted molecular spintronics: from ferromagnetic metals to spin-textured materials.
  FERRER, Jaime University of Oviedo (Spain) Graphene based molecular electronics.
  ORTÍ, Enrique ICMol-University of Valencia (Spain) Supramolecular polymerization of electroactive systems: A Theoretical Insight.
  CIFTCI, Muharrem ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Improving Electron Injection for Spin-OLEDs
  MIGUEL, Mª Eugenia ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Synthesis, characterization and electronic transport properties of copper rotaxanes
  JUNGKENN, Dominik TU Kaiserslautern (Germany) Low energy electron diffraction and angle resolved photoemission studies of Sn/Au(111) reconstructed surfaces
  ASENSIO RODRÍGUEZ, Luis Carlos U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Phthalocyanines based π-conjugated systems for Non-Linear Optical Imaging
  MORENO SIMONI, Marta U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Octacationic Silicon (IV) Phthalocyanines as Water-Soluble Photosensitizers for the Photodynamic Inactivation (PDI) of Gram-negative Bacteria
  ANGIOLINI, Lorenzo U. de Castilla La Mancha (Spain) Excited State Ultrafast Dynamics of Antibiotic Rifampicin
  CABALLERO MANCEBO, Elena U. de Castilla La Mancha (Spain) Femtosecond to Nanosecond Photodynamics of Nile Red Interacting with Zeolites with Different Sodium Content and Metal Ion Exchange
  GÓMEZ GARCÍA, Eduardo U. de Castilla La Mancha (Spain) Photoinduced intramolecular proton transfer subsequent charge transfer in benzimidazole derivatives.
  RUIZ CARMUEGA, Ana Isabel U. de Valladolid (Spain) Voltametric sensors based on combinations of AuNPs and phthalocyanines (Autores: Ana Isabel Ruiz Carmuega y Mariluz Rodriguez Méndez)
Thu 02th CASTELLANOS, Andrés IMDEA Nanoscience, Madrid (Spain) A tutorial on 2D materials.
  HUESO, Luis NANOGUNE (Spain) A two-dimensional field-effect spin transistor.
  PASCUAL, ignacio NANOGUNE (Spain) Chemistry on surface of functinal graphene nanoribbons.
  PALACIOS, Juan José Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) Hydrogenated graphene for spintronics.
  ZAMORA, Félix UAM-Nanoinnova Technologies(Spain) Isolation of Highly Stable Antimonene under Ambient Conditions.
  PÁEZ, Antonio REPSOL  Technology Center (Spain) Repsol Nanotechnology Initiative. An Industrial view of aplication of Nanotechnology in Oil and Gas Industry.
  PUIGMARTÍ, Josep EMPA (Switzerland) Microfluidics make the difference in self-assembly processes.
  SUDEROW , Hermann Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) Visualizing electronic correlations with scanning tunneling spectroscopy at very low temperatures, 2D superconductors and other strongly correlated systems.
  MAÑAS, Samuel ICMol-University of Valencia (Spain) Exploring the two-dimensional limit via the layered transition metal chalcogenides: synthesis and properties.
  ATXABAL, Ainhoa CIC nanoGUNE (Spain) Spin dopong using metal Phthalocyanine molecules
  PARUI, Subir CIC nanoGUNE (Spain) Gate-controlled energy barrier at a graphene/molecular semiconductor junction
  GAVARA EDO, Miguel ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Bidimensional Materials: Synthesis and study of single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides crystals
  MORANT GINER, Marc ICMol - U. de València (Spain) Liquid exfoliation, processability and functionalization of transition metal chalcogenides
  ORTIZ CANO, Ricardo U. Alicante (Spain) Magnetism in nanostructured graphene.
  MARIÑAS, Víctor U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Subphtalocyanines as axial substituents of SubPc fused dimers: Towards carbon nanostructures recognition.
  OTERO DÍEZ, Fernando U. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Covalent immobilization of laccase enzyme from Coriolopsis gallica on different carbon electrodes
  ARELLANO CASTELLANOS, Luis Miguel U. de Castilla La Mancha (Spain) New nanoarchitecture based on Graphene: synthesis and characterization.
  CALVO RUIZ, Diego U. de Valladolid (Spain) Characterization and dynamics of Si self-interstitial clusters by self-learning kinetic Monte Carlo simulations
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