Tentative Programme
  Name Institution Title
Sun 26th E. Coronado ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Introduction to Molecular Nanoscience
  T.Fernández Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain) Artificial mechanical proprioception. Can brain functions be described by physical-chemical equations?
Mon 27th J. Van Slageren Stuttgart University (Germany) Molecular Nanomagnetism
  G. Aromí Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) Functional Molecular Materials; Magnetism and Photoisomerization
  F.Luis Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) Coupling molecular spin qubits to quantum circuits
  A. Gaita ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Design-oriented modeling of single-ion magnets and spin qubits
  N. Aliaga ICREA - ICMAB/CSIC (Spain) Design of molecular systems toward their use on nanodevices
  E. Ruiz Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) Switching Magnetoresistance in a Single-Molecule Device at Room Temperature
  J.P. Malrieu Université Paul Sabatier (France) Magnetic couplings: their origin, how to evaluate them and how to exploit them in the study of spin lattices
  B. Tsukerblat Ben Gurion University (Israel) A paradigm of quantum-dot cellular automata: molecular implementation
  J. Romero ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Magnetic supercapacitors
  L. Rincón Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain) Mechanically tunable thermopower of molecular junctions
  E. Lucaccini Univ. of Florence, Chemistry Dept. (Italy) Magnetic relaxation and anisotropy in complexes with C3 molecular symmetry
  A. Avendaño Universitad de Alicante (Spain) Organic Superconductors
  J. Gómez ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Conductivity measurement of bistable copper rotaxanes using nanoparticle arrays
  Mª. L. García ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Synthesis, study and processing of spin crossover nanoparticles
  J. A. Carrasco ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) CVD Synthesis of Carbon Spheres using NiFe-LDHs as catalysts. Structural, electrochemical and magnetoresistive properties
  D. Cabrera IMDEA Nanoscience (Spain) Role of biological matrix on nanomagnetism of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
  E. Bandiello ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Electrolyte-gated nanostructured ZnO transistors for environmental and biological sensing
  A. Abhervé ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) New spin-crossover complexes coordinated to magnetic ions and deposited on surfaces
Tue 28th J. Errington Newcastle University (UK) From Serendipity to Strategy in Polyoxometalate Synthesis
  U. Kortz Jacobs University (Germany) Discrete Noble Metal-Oxo Cages: A New Class of Compounds and Properties in Molecular Nanoscience
  E. Cadot University of Versailles (France) Polyoxometalates, the ideal tool for Supramolecular Chemistry
  A. Proust Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France) Immobilization of Polyoxometalates on surfaces
  T. Parac-Vogl KU Leuven (Belgium) OK Lanthanides for MRI and optical imaging
  M.Vélez ICP-CSIC (Spain) Proteins as active materials for nanostructuring
  R. Garcia IMM-CSIC (Spain) Advanced scanning probe lithography: From atoms to biomolecules; from 2D materials to devices
  T. Torres Autonoma University of Madrid (Spain) Subphthalocyanine-endohedral fullerene ensembles
  Q. Zheng University of Glasgow (UK) Capture of Unusual 31P Radicals Within An Inorganic Single Molecular Cage
  F. Volatron IPCM UPMC (France) Grafting of hybrid polyoxometalates on silicon surface
  S. Pérez Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) Light scattering methodologies applied in microporous and nanoporous foams
  D. Melgar ICIQ / URV (Spain) Encapsulated Water in Giant Metal Oxide Nanocapsules
  P. Lizondo ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Fluorescent Aza Lariat Ethers Bibraquials Ligands for interaction with DNA
  Z. Lang Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain) DFT exploring of gold nanoparticle formation mediated by reduced molybdo-sulphate polyoxometalate
  C. Healy Trinity College Dublin (UK) Towards nanoscopic mixed-metal polyoxomolybdate clusters
  L. Guijarro ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Synthesis and nucleic acid-binding studies of new polytopic aza-scorpiand receptors. Towards the discovery of RNA selectivity
  M. Darawhsheh University of Barcelona (Spain) Supramulecular Encapsulation of Coordination Complexes
  M. Pérez ICTP-CSIC (Spain) Self-Organizing Biocompatible Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Polymers on Metal Substrates
Wed 29th M. Mauro Université de Strasbourg – ISIS (France) Luminescent self-assembled molecular architectures: from design to applications
  N. Martin Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) Supramolecular Chemistry of Carbon Nanostructures
  F. Langa Universidad de Castilla La Mancha (Spain) Tentative Title: Tuning the structure of small molecules for efficient BHJ solar cells
  E. Ortí ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Electroluminescent materials for LECs: Molecular design and device performance
  D. González Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Self-assembled Tubular Architectures
  F. Rivadulla Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain) Spin-dependent thermoelectric effects in oxides
  A. Bedoya CiC nanoGUNE (Spain) Molecular Spintronics: Spin Valves, Spinterfaces and Beyond
  P. Marín Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) Magnetic microwires as biological sensors
  J. Teles Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain) Ruthenium Phthalocyanines as potential water-soluble photosensitizers
  Mª. C. Momblona ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain)
Methylammonium lead iodide perovskite solar cells
  D. Guzmán Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain) Synthesis and Functionalization of Sterically Hindered Phthalocyanines for Anchoring Electron Withdrawing Groups
  L. Gil ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Solution processed tandem light-emitting electrochemical cell
  V. Garrido Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain) Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic phthalocyanines for incorporation into lipid bilayers
  C. García Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance analysis of different varieties of must using sensors based on phthalocyanines
  J. Fernández Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain) Hydrogen bonding and π-stacking-induced self-assembly of picolinic acid-substituted phthalocyanine derivatives
  E. Fazio Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain) Donor-π--acceptor substituted Phthalocyanines for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)
  L. De Juan IMDEA Nanociencia (Spain) Porphyrins for the Synthesis of Mechanically Interlocked Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
  S. Acosta Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)
Design, synthesis and characterization of self-assembling elastin-like tetrablock recombinamers
Thu 30th N. Agrait Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Atomically-thin 2d crystals
  H. Suderow Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Two-dimensional superconductivity
  M. Varela Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) A peek into the nanoworld: what can electron microscopy do for us?
  H. Garcia ITQ-Universidad Politécnica de València (Spain) Graphene as carbocatalyst
  J. Fernández International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory- INL (Portugal) Spin physics in two dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
  P. Day University College London (UK) New nanomaterials: how science and technology go forward
  A. Castellanos IMDEA Nanoscience (Spain) Two-dimensional optoelectronics: MoS2 and beyond
  R. Miranda IMDEA Nanoscience (Spain) New functionalities in 2D materials
  T. Hungerland ETH-Zurich (Switzerland) Advances in two-dimensional Polymers
  D. Rodríguez Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain) Crystalline polyimine based Covalent Organic Framework Synthesized at Room Temperature
  J.J. Navarro IMDEA Nanoscience (Spain) Giant Spin-Orbit interaction in Graphene induced by intercalated Pb islands
  M. Morant ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Chemical exfoliation
  A. Molina Universidad Autóma de Madrid (Spain)
Optimization of graphene electrodes by electroburning in different atmospheres
  J. Matarrubia IMDEA Nanoscience (Spain) STM and XPS characterization of Dy-tetraazaporphyrin double-deckers in metal surface
  M. Barrejón INAMOL (Spain) A new and versatile method for functionalization of graphene:Cycloaddition of nitrile imines
Fri 31st I. Guillamón Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Enhancement of long-range correlations in a 2D vortex lattice by an incommensurate 1D disorder potential
  D. Granados IMDEA Nanoscience (Spain) Micro and Nanofabrication on 2D materials
  E. Pinilla ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Direct nanopatterning of atomically-thin TMDCs conducting layers via local oxidation nanolithography
  F. Zamora Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) 2D materials based on COF-polyimines
  S. Mañas ICMol-Universitat de València (Spain) Synthesizing and processing 2D materials: the study of metal chalcogenides
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