European Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling

12th International Intensive Course

During the Intensive Course, the following subjects will be lectured by:
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Major subjects:
Advanced Electronic Structure and Condensed Matter
Advanced Computational Techniques
Chemical and Molecular Dynamics and Computing Modellization
Applied Computational Chemistry

AES1 - Multilevel Coupled Cluster Theroy. Henrik Koch Univ. Trondheim
AES2 - Electron correlation with multiconfigurational wave function methods. Coen de Graaf Univ. Groeningen
AES3 - Electronic Excited States and Computational Photochemistry. Daniel Roca Univ. Valencia
AES4 - Wave function and Bonding Analysis. Manuel Yáñez Univ. Autonoma Madrid
AES5 - Advanced DFT. Juan C. Sancho Univ. Alicante.
AES6 - Electronic Structure of Solids and Surfaces. Ria Broer/Remco Havenith Univ. Groningen
AES7 - Introduction to Valence Bond Theory. Remco Havenith Univ. Groningen

MDS1 - Excited State Dynamics and Photochemistry. Shirin Faraji Univ. Groningen
MSD2 - Reaction Dynamics: Variational Transition State Theory. Angels Gonzalez Univ. Autonoma Barcelona
MSD3 - Introduction to Classical Molecular Dynamics. Noelia Faginas Univ Perugia
MSD4 - Introduction to Classical Molecular Dynamics (II) Andrea Lombardi Univ Perugia
MSD5 - Modelling Chemical Reactivity by Hybrid QM/MM MD Simulations. Vicente Moliner UJI Castellón
MSD6 - Quantum and Classical Molecular Dynamics. Graham Worth Univ. College London

ACT1 - Modelling the Energy Spectra of Some Nanosystems Under Different Conditions. Josep. H. Planelles UJI Castellón
ACT2 - Modern Trends and Challenges in Hight-perfomance/hight-troughput Computing. Osvaldo Gervasi Univ Perugia
ACT3 - Parallelization and Magnetism. Localized and Delocalized Magnetic Systems. J. M. Clemente Univ Valencia

ACC1 - Quantum and Statistical Methods to Model Solution Chemistry. Enrique Sanchez Univ. Sevilla
ACC2 - Excited States in Conjugated Organic Materials. Johannes Gierschner IMDEA Madrid
ACC3 - Excited States in Conjugated Organic Materials (II) Begoña Milián IMDEA Madrid
ACC4 - Quantum Computation (Colloquium) Alex Gaita Univ. Valencia

Ethics - Ethics in Science. Ria Broer Univ Groningen

CS - Writing Skills "You Shoud Be Writing" Alex Gaita Univ. Valencia.

U&I - Conference. "University and innovation: The role of the Science Parks. PCUV as a case example” Dr. Antonio Raga, Director of the Scientific Park , Univ. Valencia.

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